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Introduction to Inclusive Education


Inclusive Education


Course Authors and Editors:
Alexandra Angelova

Alexandra Angelova – E-learning Designer and Developer

Alexandra Angelova is an E-learning Designer and Developer. She is a Bachelor of Psychology with experience in the field of human resources, learning and development, with a focus on e-learning. As a part of ELA’s team she held the role of Learning and Development Specialist. Alexandra is currently working in the field of digital training and education.

Anette Marinova

Anette Marinova – Psychologist

Anette is a Bachelor of Psychology and a Master of Clinical Social Work, currently working as a school psychologist. She specialized Clinical Social Work with Children and Families at Smith College, Massachusetts. Anette is part of the team that develops and delivers the Clinical Social Work Master’s program at New Bulgarian University. She is also a consultant and external expert to the Ministry of Education on the matters of inclusive education, a member of the management team of the ministry’s pilot projects – “Inclusive Education” and “Support for equal access and personal development”.

Daniela Todorova

Daniela Todorova – Project Manager (currently School Principal)

Daniela is a Bachelor of International Economic Relations, with eleven years of experience in the field of marketing and three years of experience as a high school teacher of business-related subjects in English. As part of ELA’s team, Daniela held the position of a Project Manager. She is currently a school principal.

Iva Boneva

Iva Boneva – CEO of Association for Shared Learning ELA

Iva got her Master’s Degree in Social Development and Social Policies at Manchester University and PhD in Pedagogy at Sofia University St. Kliment Ohridski. She has worked for UN’s Program for Development, Save the Children, Association for Shared Learning ELA (formerly Center for Inclusive Education) and other local non-profits.

Appearing in the videos are:

Dimitar Lazarov – Head of strategies, policies, and programs

Denitsa Davidkova – Community Building and Development Expert

Latinka Doucheva – Public Relations Manager

Irena Daskalova – Director

Rossen DaskalovCamera

The initial version of the course was created as part of the “One School for All” Program, realized with the support of America for Bulgaria Foundation. The current version of the course is a translation, realized as part of the Scaling up the Model for Inclusive Learning in Europe (SMILE) Project financed by the Erasmus+ programme of the European Commission.


Относно това обучение

We created this e-learning course for all of you, who are involved with education in one way or another.

Throughout this course, you will have the opportunity to explore your attitudes, to assess what you know about inclusive education and learn more about it. 

The course consists of four modules.

  • The first module “Concepts and Perspectives” follows the conception and development of the idea of inclusive education: its essence and the dimensions of its practical application.
  • In the second module “The Inclusive Team” you will learn how the inclusive team works, who are its members, what are the skills they need to have, what principles they need to abide by and what good practices they have to apply.
  • In the third module “Inclusive Systems” you will learn about the levels at which inclusion happens within a learning system: from the classroom, through the school, to the wider community.
  • In module four “The One School for All Model” you will learn about ELA’s Model for building an inclusive school environment, including the Model’s domains, the process and the principles of its application.

Who is this course aimed for?

Everyone, who’s interested in inclusive education and feels involved with the improvement of the educational landscape. 

How is the course structured and how long does it take to complete?

The course is structured into four modules, each of which consists of three sections. The course can be accessed at all times and there are no time constraints for its completion. Our experience shows that if you work without interruption, you can take the course within eight hours. Every module ends with an assessment quiz – the result of this quiz determines the successful completion of the module and the combined results of all quizzes determine the successful completion of the course. To save your progress, please make sure to press the SAVE PROGRESS button. Upon the successful completion of the course, you will receive a certificate. You can download your certificate from the Achievements section in your user account. Please, note that your given name and family name will be displayed on the certificate the same way you entered them during registration.

The course also contains several self-assessment questionnaires, that are not graded and have no impact on the successful completion of the course. The results of these questionnaires are for your own information only.

Where to start?

We suggest following our step-by-step guide for new users, which you can find here.

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